Dr. Sophie C. Wong served as ABA Co-President 1996-1997 with C. K. Tseng. Under their leadership, ABA’s board of directors came together united and committed to serve all members as its priority. They were able to bring in many new members; increase the number of affiliate members of major corporations and governmental agencies. ABA took a great leap forward financially, enabling the move of its headquarters to a more central location in Los Angeles Chinatown. ABA was able to employ a full-time executive director to execute the policies of the board, manage the day-to-day operations, and serve all its members. During this period, ABA came of age. It matured to be an efficient organization in serving its members and became fully accountable to its members and supporters.

Dr. Wong’s current activities include being a Board member of the State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board; a gubernatorial appointment by Governor Schwarzenegger; President of American Realty, a full-service real estate brokerage, management and investment firm; Co-Founder/Board member (former chairman of the board) of Golden Security Bank, insured by the FDIC since 1984; President/Founder of the West San Gabriel Valley Chapter, Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs; President/Founder of the Asian-American Republican Women Federated, chartered by both National and California Federation of Republican Women; President of the Chinese for Christ Theological Seminary, a California-approved graduate degree granting institution since 1996; Chair of the “Remarkable Women for Arnold” California leadership team 2006, appointed by the Governor for his re-election campaign; and Co-Chair of the “State-wide Leadership Team”, appointed by the Governor for his Re-election Campaign 2006.