With over three decades of background and hands-on experience in areas of high-rise tenant construction, interior design and space planning, including tenure as technical draftsman, combine to qualify David S. Honda as a truly diverse professional, whose’s license in General Contracting extends into the many sectors of community service and development.

His distinct, quality “signature” of expertise, commercial and professional refinement and concerns are evidenced in every project that David and his staff undertake.

David’s educational studies include attending San Fernando Valley State College (now CSUN). During that time, he was employed at SLS Environetics, in West Los Angeles, in Space Planning and Technical Drafting for various high-rise office buildings.

From 1973 through 1976, David served as Vice President of the Beverly Hills offices of Innovax Construction, Inc. David’s expertise with interior design and construction of interiors in high-rise office buildings, hospitals and medical facilities was greatly relied upon. During 1976 through 1980, David was the Co-Founder/CEO of Spacemakers, Inc., also in Beverly Hills. While there, his interior construction achievements included such unique facilities on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills as Peterson Art Galleries, Cecil Gee, Botega Veneta and in Pasadena the restoration of the Huntington Sheraton Hotel.

Since November 1980, David S. Honda has served as President of D.S. Honda Construction, Inc., in his Northridge office. Several notable projects early on included the Upjohn Company, The Director’s Guild of America, Japanese American National Museum Barracks Restoration Project and the 1984 Special Olympics Archery Range Complex located at Rancho Park and Woodley Park.

Many buildings along the Wilshire corridor of the downtown Los Angeles area clearly bear the space planning and construction “signature” of David S. Honda. Virtually millions of square feet of commercial real estate have been created or renovated by D.S. Honda Construction, Inc. professionals. Presently, emphasis is on the development of office buildings and medical facility structures.

To further enhance the Community of Van Nuys in 1988, the Honda Financial Centre building was constructed on Hamlin Street. It has since received the Accommodation Award from the County Board of Supervisors. Upon its completion, this premiere office building established new standards of quality and elegance in interior and exterior design in Van Nuys.

The Chamber of Commerce presented David with the “Community Award of Excellence” for the “first Class A” office building in the Downtown Van Nuys Area.

In recognition of David’s generous sharing of his energies and knowledge with the many service organizations, civic and corporations throughout our community, a partial list of these groups includes:


City of L.A. Planning Commission (North Valley) 2002-09
Chairman Calif. State University Northridge Foundation 2000-02
President -Asian Business Association 2000-01
Chairman-Greater LA Council on Deftness (GLAD) 1998-02
Board of Directors Ameritel Corporation 1998-01
Board of Directors of Advisory Committee CSUN 1997-01
Board of Directors People’s Bank of California (REIT) 1997-01
Commissioner-Pres State-San Fernando Valley Fair 1997-05
White House Small Business Delegate-Rep. California 1996
Chairman-Valley Hosp. Foundation (now Northridge Hosp) 1995
Chairman-S.F.V. Unity Coalition 1995
Co-Chairman/Founder-Economic Alliance of SFV 1995-96
Board of Directors Rebuild LA 1994-95
Commissioner State-CA Council on Criminal Justice 1993-99
Commissioner-Pres. City of L.A. Disabled Access Appeals 1993-02
Commissioner Asian-Pacific Commission-Senator Roberti 1993-94
President- Rotary Club of Van Nuys 1993-94
SFV Unity Coalition-Chair Government Affairs 1993-94
Chairman-Valley Economic Development Center 1993-99
Chairman-Senate Small Business Advisory Commission 1992-94
Trustee Board American Red Cross SFV Chapter 1992-94
Vice-Chairman American Heart Association (SFV) 1992
President-Fernando Awards of the San Fernando Valley 1992
President-Tierra Del Sol Foundation- Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Handicap Foundation 1991-92
Board of Directors United Way North Angeles County 1993-94
Vice-Chairman Valley Hospital Foundation 1993-94
Board of Directors-New Directions for Youth 1992
President -United Chambers of Commerce 1992
Chairman Special Gifts Campaign, American Red Cross 1992
President-Valley Economic Development Center 1990-92
President-Mid San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce 1990-91
President-Van Nuys Area Development Corporation 1990-91
Vice President Rotary Club of Van Nuys 1991
Recipient of the Mendenhall Memorial Leadership Award 1991
Vice President-Tierra Del Sol Foundation 1990
Board of Directors-Western Council Boy Scouts of Amer. 1989-94
Board of Directors-Girl Scouts of America 1989
Board of Directors-Ambassadors, Valley Presbyterian Hospital Foundation. 1989-92
Campaign Chairman, Mid-Valley YMCA Round Table (As well as serving on the Board of Directors) 1988-89
Vice President, United Chambers of Commerce 1989
Vice President, Governmental Affairs
Greater Van Nuys Chamber of Commerce 1989
Vocational Director-Van Nuys Rotary 1988
The Small Businessman of the Year Award 1988
Presented by Assemblyman Richard Katz
Japanese Garden Advisory Committee at Donald Tillman
Reclamation appointment by Mayor Bradley 1989
Member of Holy Cross Hospital Association 1989
Advisory Board Gary Palmer Drug Abuse Center 1989
Vice President Western United National Bank 1985
Vice President, Calif. State Conference of Small Business 1984
Founding member of Western United National Bank 1980
Board Member-Foundation at Bridge-Focus 1980

Television Appearance:

FNN-“American Entrepreneur” (91)
King Video-“Economic Climate of the San Fernando Valley” (92)
Parallax View-“Up close and personal” (94)
Radio Appearance-KGIL Radio-“Valley Economic” (90)
“Which way LA”-Warren Olney (93)
Magic FM-“RLA”/Unity Coalition (93)
KIIS-FM”L.A. Speaks Out”-CSUN Athletics Site (99)
Guest Lecturer – UCLA-Japan Studies Class-“Doing Business with Japanese” (92)
Learning Tree University-“Designer/Contractor relationships” (89)
Los Angeles Police Department-Oral Interview Board Community Rater (Sgt.,Lt., and Captain)

Committee Appointments:
*Councilman Joel Wachs-San Fernando Valley
Transportation Committee Member. (1998)
*Dist Attorney Ventura Mike Bradbury – California Council on Criminal Justice-Chair of the Elder Abuse Committee. (1998)

* Pres. Blenda Wilson – Chair CSUN Athletics Field Site committee (1998)
* Pres. Blenda Wilson – Member CSUN North Campus Development Board (1998)
* Mayor Richard Riordan City Of L.A.-President of Disabled Access Appeals Commission. (1999- 2001)
* Governor Pete Wilson-Vice President of 51st District Agricultural Association (1999-2001)
President- 2002-03.Re-appointed by Governor Gray Davis 2003.
* Dean ST Mau – Chair CSUN Construction Management Program 2006

As a General Contractor, David has also served as an Industry Inspector for the State Contractor’s License Board.

David, along with his spouse, Yolanda and their children, David Mark, and Jennifer Ann reside in the San Fernando Valley.