Dr. Philip Chen graduated from the University of Southern California in 1974 with a doctorate in aerospace engineering and a minor in computer science. After working as a research scientist with McDonnell Douglas Research Laboratories and Dynamic Technology, and publishing 21 scientific research papers and reports in fluid dynamics, intrumentations, numerical computations and data processing, Dr. Chen decided to branch out and maximize his talents in the technology sector. He founded his company, Apex Computer Systems, Inc. in 1983, and with the help of a select group of professionals, he made a name for himself in the computer service industry.

Dr. Chen has enjoyed extensive community involvement in which he has held many leadership positions. In 1977, he established the first ethnic Jaycee chapter in St. Louis. In 1980, he served as the President of the Southern California Alumni Association of National Taiwan University. In 1985, he was the National Vice President of Organization of Chinese Americans, where he was in charge of economic development. In 1987, he acted as President of the Asian Business Association, and in 1996, Dr. Chen was Asian Entrepreneur of the Year. He was elected as the President of Chinese-American Computer Association in 1996, and in 1999 the Chairman of the organization.

In 1999, Dr. Chen gathered a group of IT elite in Southern California and established a yearlong mentoring program to help Chinese IT professionals face the challenges in the new millennium. This program has been a tremendous success and is now in its 4th year.