Jason Kim

2017 - 2016

Jason S. Kim is a deal lawyer. His practice focuses on representing domestic and foreign companies,

Karen Park

2017 - 2016

We’re more than just an AdAge Top 10 Asian Advertising Agency. The award-winning TEN Advertising t

Jennifer Li

2015 - 2014

The fact that Jennifer was able to spring up in this business world within a short period is highly

Sidney Sohn

2015 - 2014

Sidney Sohn is a Shareholder/Partner at Venerable, where his current practice primarily focuses on c

Ronald W. Wong

2013 - 2010

Ronald W. Wong is a recognized expert on political strategy and public affairs, particularly dealing

Gary Yamauchi

2013 - 2010

Former City Councilman any Mayor for the City of Alhambra, Gary has been involved in numerous organ

Stephen Lee


Stephen Lee is an advisor to the chairman and CEO of Bionics Japan. He assists in developing the glo

Gordon Eng


Gordon Eng has been a lawyer serving the business community for over 24 years. His focus has been on

Sam Qiu


Mr. Qiu is the founder of QIU Accountancy Corporation, a full service accounting, auditing and consu

Gordon Eng


Gordon Eng has been a lawyer serving the business community for over 24 years. His focus has been on

Joseph Jou

2005 - 2004

Mr. Jou attended FengChia University in Taichung, Taiwan, and has a B.S. in International Trade. He

Lily Chia Tsau

2003 - 2002

Ms. Tsau is owner of Professional Assessment for Gainful Employment, Inc., which provides vocational

David S. Honda

2001 - 2000

With over three decades of background and hands-on experience in areas of high-rise tenant construct

Johnathan Hou

1999 - 1998

Johnathan Hou has been actively involved in promoting small and minority businesses in mainstream Am

C.K. Tseng

1997 - 1996

The late C. K. Tseng was born and educated in China. During World War II, he was involved in the air

Sophie C. Wong


Dr. Sophie C. Wong served as ABA Co-President 1996-1997 with C. K. Tseng. Under their leadership, AB

Y. Scott Wang

1995 - 1994

As an immigrant to the U.S. in 1976, Scott Wang sought the opportunities, excitement, and promise th

William “Bill” Yang


The late William J. Yang is the Principal and Founder of William J. Yang and Associates, a 35-year o

Paul Suzuki


Paul Suzuki was born in East Los Angeles and raised in South Central Los Angeles. His parents opened

Alba V. Eugenio


Alba V. Eugenio (Bachelder) came to office in 1991 as ABA President after having served in different

Tony K. Wong, P. E.


Mr. Wong is a consultant with more than 30 years of professional engineering and small minority busi

Lynne Choy Uyeda

1989 – 1988

Lynne Choy Uyeda founded “Lynne Choy Uyeda & Associates” in 1984. Based in Los Angeles with

C. Philip Chen, Ph.D.


Dr. Philip Chen graduated from the University of Southern California in 1974 with a doctorate in aer

Gary Kebo


Gary Kebo served on the Board of Directors for 10 years before rising to the position of President o

Alvina Lew

1985 - 1983

The late Alvina Lew and her husband, Jem Y. Lew, owned and operated “Blue Chip Manufacturing Compa

Jay C. Kim

1982 – 1979

Jay C. Kim was the principal owner and president of JayKim Engineers, a civil engineering firm based

Dale Fukamaki

1978 – 1976

The late Dale Fukamaki was the principal owner and president of Dale Fukamaki & Associates, a ma