The Asian Business Center (ABC) was formed in 2007 by the leaders of the Asian Business Association of Los Angeles, Inc. Its primary focus is on business education and training, research, scholarship, and economic development for the business community. ABC serves as a forum for businesses to develop and grow. It fosters the exchange of business ideas, best practices and opportunities to help these businesses achieve their goals.

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  • Educates and trains Asian American businesses about programs and opportunities through leadership development, economic empowerment and policy enhancement.
  • Improve cross-cultural and inter-ethic collaboration and interaction, development and improvement of professional and social skills and access to greater opportunity through comprehensive programs.
  • Increase understanding of Asian American business issues and their impact on policy formation on all social levels.
  • Raises awareness of scholarship, grant, loans, micro loans, etc. for small and start-up companies.
  • Be a source for Asian American business and economic issues through in-depth research.